The Dawn of a Golden Age in Entertainment Hypnotism: A Vision of Collaboration and Excellence

The field of entertainment hypnotism is as enigmatic as it is captivating. For decades stage hypnotists have enthralled audiences with their mastery of the mind and command of the stage. But behind the scenes, a different kind of performance takes place — one marked by isolation, competition, and a guarded approach to the craft. But what if this culture shifted? What if we were on the cusp of a Golden Age for entertainment hypnotism, fueled by collaboration and collective excellence?

The Current Landscape: A Siloed Existence

Performing hypnotists have long operated in isolated silos, mostly out of necessity. The nature of the industry lends itself to competition rather than collaboration, as hypnotists vie for the same gigs, stages, and audiences. There’s a prevailing sentiment that sharing trade secrets or techniques could give competitors an edge, thereby diminishing one’s own chances of success. It’s time for this prevailing culture within the profession to shift.

The Dangers of Isolation

This self-imposed isolation does more harm than good. By working alone, hypnotists limit their access to a pool of shared knowledge and experience. The art form stagnates, with little innovation or evolution. Furthermore, a lack of collaboration leads to skepticism and mistrust within the community. It’s a self-defeating cycle: the more isolated hypnotists become, the less the field progresses, and the less attractive it becomes to audiences and potential newcomers.

Yes, entertainers do “steal” material from each other sometimes, but that’s always going to be an issue. Especially now, in the digital age, there’s no way to effectively keep your material to yourself. If you want to be noticed, you have to put content out on social media platforms, and that content is easier to access than ever for your competitors. It used to be that they had to buy a ticket and come to your show. Now all they have to do is look you up on YouTube or Tik Tok.

Rather than fight this reality, embrace it. Put your material out for the world to see, and collaborate with colleagues to keep making more and more content, better content. Take advantage of the synergistic effect of collaborating with people who love the art form like you do, who want to grow and achieve great things. The upside of doing so far outweighs the downside.

A Vision of Unity: The Golden Age

Imagine a world where stage hypnotists, instead of guarding their secrets jealously, share their expertise to lift each other up. In this vision, hypnotists of all experience levels could contribute one way or another, fostering an environment of collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect. In person or online, there are many ways to help each other explore new ideas and hone skills. We don’t have to be limited anymore by geography or the ability to travel.

Modeling Collaboration

The first step towards this utopian vision is for established professionals to model the behavior they wish to see. This could include mentorship programs, joint performances, and even co-authored research papers on new techniques or ethical practices. As my own effort to do this, I have been facilitating a mastermind for stage hypnotists since February of 2022. Unlike most modern masterminds, I do not sell the program as a product; it’s free for colleagues to join. The only “catch” is that you must be a working stage hypnotist.

The group comes together in a spirit of fellowship, and we meet once a month to discuss the craft and support each other in growing as artists. The meetings are a highlight for me each month, and I’m so glad I started the project.

Community Building

Establishing formal organizations or platforms can serve as a safe space for hypnotists to share ideas, seek advice, and offer support. Just as professional organizations exist in other fields to set standards and offer accreditation, so too could a similar body benefit the world of stage hypnotism.

I think having an organization like the ISHA is long overdue, and I’m thrilled that my colleagues have joined together to form this organization. It’s going to take time to reach our full potential, but I know from the many conversations we’ve had so far that the intention behind the creation of the ISHA is pure and we’re going to do good things for the profession. I’m honored that others have put their faith in us and are joining. Getting more people involved and fostering a greater sense of community will be essential. I’m so excited to watch it happen!

Expanding the Art Form

As the community grows more collaborative, the art form itself would naturally evolve. New techniques could be developed at a faster rate, performances could become more engaging and innovative, and the level of professionalism across the board could rise, attracting more interest and respect for the field. One of the cliches I’ve heard over and over again for years from some colleagues is, “It’s all been done.” I just don’t think this is true. I think that’s a way of letting ourselves off the hook. In every other art form, I see new things happening. Why not ours?

The Ripple Effect: More Shows, More Opportunities

As the art form improves, demand for high-quality hypnotism shows would likely surge. Audiences always crave fresh, compelling performances, and a united front of exceptional hypnotists could provide just that. More shows mean more opportunities for all, setting off a virtuous cycle of growth and improvement.

Up until now, performing hypnotists have been competing with each other for the same pieces of the economic pie.  Why don’t we just make a bigger pie? We’ve been too focused on the existing demand for entertainment hypnotism. We need to focus on how we can create new demand.

On one hand, that probably comes down to marketing, but another aspect we don’t talk as much about is the effect of producing a better product. We sort of all acknowledge that we want to do good shows, and we might even compare our shows to one another, but we don’t talk about what it’s going to take to move the whole art form forward and have the majority of entertainment hypnotists consistently producing better shows.

The Time is Now

We stand at a pivotal moment in the history of entertainment hypnotism. There is a unique opportunity for transformation, driven by a unity never before seen in the industry. With a shift in mindset from competition to collaboration, led by a vanguard of experienced professionals, we could usher in a Golden Age in which the art of entertainment hypnotism not only survives but thrives like never before.

The question remains: will we seize this opportunity, or will we let it slip away, forever wondering what could have been? The choice is ours to make.

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