Announcing the ISHA Ambassador Program

Since the launch of the International Stage Hypnotists’ Association in October of 2023, our membership has grown to include entertainment hypnotists from eight different countries. We are thrilled to be growing an international network of professionals, but we also recognize that doing so presents some challenges for such a small and young organization.

As a non-profit organization that runs on volunteer efforts, how do we provide adequate support to our colleagues in various countries, over significant geographical distances? Thankfully, there are affordable technologies that allow us to join together in the digital space for meetings, and our online learning platform can be accessed by anyone in the world who has internet access. Still, we appreciate that there is a basic human need to feel more closely connected to one another, and there may be cultural differences from country to country that are important to practitioners. We want to create ways to learn more more about this and support our members as best we can.

To that end, we have created an ambassador program that we hope will create new support structures for our members outside the United States, and provide us with a better understanding of the unique needs of members outside the United States. We would like to appoint a member from each non-US country to the position of Ambassador for that country. As an Ambassador, the volunteer would serve as a liaison between the ISHA members in that country and the ISHA. Ambassadors would:

  • Hold one meeting each month so members in that country can connect
  • Assist the ISHA in developing native language versions of the ISHA website and Learning Archive
  • Report to the ISHA on any legal issues regarding entertainment hypnotism in their country, or any needs for support that the members in that country may have

If you are an ISHA member in a country outside the United States, and you would like to be considered for an ambassador position, reach out to us and let’s have a conversation.

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