Moonshine has a romantic place in history. Working people making their own liquor for fun and profit. We’ve gotten TV shows and NASCAR as a result. What people don’t really talk about is what happened when that home brewed shine went wrong. People got sick, died, went blind, had serious legal issues and sometimes got shot as a result of their artistic creativity. Read more

Let me ask you a question, and think about it a moment: how safe is your hypnotist? 

What do you know about the person that is coming into your school, company event, home, club or fair?  What’s their background when it comes to dealing with your students, employees, or guests?  What is their training both in stage and consulting hypnosis? And equally important, what safety training do they have?  It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been performing, because as we know all too well, the horror stories often don’t come out until years later. Read more