Why and When does ISHA Require CEUs?

A major part of the ISHA existing is to support the continued growth and development of our members as artists and business owners. If we want to be taken more seriously as entertainers, we must show the world that we take our work seriously.

The ISHA is creating multiple levels of membership, with each level of membership providing more benefits, but also requiring more of those members as they grow through the membership process.

All members begin with an Association Membership. There is no continuing education requirement to maintain an Association Membership.

Members who are awarded Professional Membership must complete 20 Continuing Education Units per year to maintain their membership.

Continuing Education Units can be earned through three areas of professional development:

  • Hypnotism or Show Business Education
  • Development of Show Craft
  • Service

How Do Continuing Education Units Work for ISHA?

Hypnosis or Show Business Education

  • Attend a conference or convention.

    10 CEUs

  • Complete a Formal Training with a Trainer

    CEUs assessed program-by-program

  • Complete ISHA online Learning Archive Programs

    CEUs assessed program-by-program

  • Attend Monthly ISHA Online Meetings

    1 CEU per webinar

Developing Show Craft

  • Complete ISHA Learning Archive Programs Focused on Show Craft

    CEUs assessed program-by-program.

  • Write a 1,000 word blog article about a specific aspect of show craft or performance.

    2 CEUs

  • Attend an ISHA monthly webinar that is focused on show craft

    1 CEU

  • Submit your show to the Show Coaching and Mentorship Program (coming in 2024)

    CEUs to be determined


  • Volunteer on an ISHA committee

    Self-reported hours will be converted to CEUs.

  • Submit a blog article for publication on the ISHA website.

    2 CEUs for a 1,000 word or greater article.

  • Share an online program with the ISHA Learning Archive

    CEUs determined by program size.

How Do We Submit for CEUs?

Each year when you renew your membership, there will be a CEU submission form built into the renewal application. We will make it as easy as we can. Just be sure to keep track of your activities throughout the year.