ISHA Releases Statement Opposing the Human Bridge Technique

Official Statement from the International Stage Hypnotists’ Association on the Human Bridge Technique in Entertainment Hypnotism Shows

To All Members of the Entertainment Hypnotism Community,

As an organization dedicated to promoting the art and profession of hypnotism for entertainment, it is our responsibility to ensure that the practices of our members reflect the highest standards of safety, ethics, and professionalism. In line with this commitment, the ISHA officially advises against the use of the “human bridge technique” in entertainment hypnotism shows.

Our stance is grounded in the core principle of prioritizing the well-being and safety of all participants. The human bridge technique, which involves hypnotized individuals being used as a physical bridge, poses significant risks of injury. These risks are exacerbated when performers or audience members stand on the ‘bridge,’ potentially leading to harm.

Moreover, we believe that the use of the human bridge technique raises ethical concerns. It is our collective duty to treat all participants with the utmost respect and dignity. Subjecting hypnotized individuals to potentially hazardous or undignified scenarios contradicts this duty and undermines the integrity of our profession.

We therefore encourage our members to move away from this practice. The human bridge technique is an antiquated method, no longer reflective of the innovative and ethical entertainment we strive to provide. Our art form is rich with possibilities, and we have the creative capacity to engage and amaze our audiences in ways that are both safe and respectful.

As leaders in the field of entertainment hypnotism, we have the power to shape its future. Let us lead by example, fostering practices that not only entertain but also uphold the values we cherish as an organization. We trust our members will join us in this movement, demonstrating our commitment to excellence, safety, and ethical standards in every performance.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for your continued dedication to elevating the art of entertainment hypnotism.


The ISHA Board of Directors
International Stage Hypnotists’ Association

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