Colin Chapman

Colin Chapman

Professional Hypnotist

Colin Chapman has been called, “The funniest and most irreverent comedy hypnotist alive today.”

He is a comedian and hypnotist living in Richmond, Virginia. The focus of his show is the comedy. The fusion of comedy and hypnosis is what takes it to the next level. Colin’s approach is anything but conventional and his style is bold, irreverent, and unapologetically funny.

“If comedy show crowd work and improv had a Tinder date with a hypnotist chaperone, my show is what would come along nine months later.”

Drawing inspiration from his comedy hypnotist role model, the late J. Medicine Hat and comedy greats Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle and Bert Kreischer, Colin creates new material and studies comedy and hypnosis every day.

The flexibility to keep the content of his show right for a range of audiences is one of the strengths that sets him apart. Those range from shows with children present to 18+ comedy clubs to HR friendly corporate shows to high schools to charities to military units and government agencies.

Some of the venues and clients he has performed for include Waffle House corporate headquarters, the National Reconnaissance Office, US military units, 18+ comedy clubs, Family Fun Xperience Theatre, charities and high schools.

A professional hypnotist since 2011, Colin is equally passionate about using the life changing power of hypnosis and spreading laughter to help make life better for others.