Grant Saunders

Grant Saunders

Professional Hypnotist

Grant Saunders stands as a beacon in the world of stage hypnosis, renowned for his fast-paced, roller-coaster shows that leave audiences from diverse backgrounds in splits of laughter and awe. Recognized as one of the UK’s premier stage hypnotists, Saunders has dedicated years to refining his craft, ensuring every performance is a seamless blend of mesmerism, entertainment, and sheer amazement.

With over 15 years in the industry, Saunders is among the rare few who have chosen stage hypnosis as a full-time profession in the UK. His shows are not just about entertainment; they’re about unlocking the immense power within our minds, leading to hilarious and action-packed performances where the line between dreams and reality blurs.

Beyond the stage, Saunders extends his expertise to corporate events, tailoring his performances to resonate with a company‘s unique profile. He also offers a touch of hypnotic magic to weddings, ensuring guests leave with memories they’ll cherish for years. For those keen on delving deeper into the world of hypnosis, Saunders provides training, equipping individuals with effective hypnosis techniques for personal and business growth.

An ethical stage hypnotist, Saunders takes pride in adhering to the 1952 Hypnotism Act and all current legislation. He ensures all his shows are conducted with the utmost respect for participants, and he carries full public liability.

In a world where dreams become reality, Grant Saunders stands as a guide, entertainer, and master hypnotist, ensuring every show is an unforgettable journey.