Jeffrey Richards

Jeffrey Richards

Professional Hypnotist

Jeffrey Richards, recognized as the "Hypnotist of the Year" at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and stage charisma to his hypnotism shows. Known for his clean, family-friendly performances, Jeffrey has entertained audiences at high school after-prom shows and private parties, showcasing his brilliant comedic talent, as acclaimed by Ray Lytle, a well-known radio and podcast personality.

Jeffrey‘s shows are more than just entertainment; they explore the human mind’s potential to focus on uplifting and positive moments. This philosophy stems from his extensive background in clinical hypnosis, a rare asset in the world of stage hypnotism.

Trained by some of the best in the business – including William Mitchell, Sailesh Jiawan, and Rich Guzzi – Jeffrey combines the finesse of a seasoned entertainer with the depth of a clinical hypnosis expert. This unique combination enables him to deliver hilarious and insightful performances.

Jeffrey‘s journey into stage hypnosis is as intriguing as his shows. Initially skeptical about the authenticity of stage hypnosis, his perspective took a dramatic turn after his first show. The moment a volunteer approached him post-performance, amazed that he’d forgotten his name during the show, was a revelation for Jeffrey – stage hypnosis is unequivocally real.

With a mission to demonstrate the power of positive thinking through hypnosis, Jeffrey Richards offers an entertaining and thought-provoking stage experience. His shows are a testament to the incredible capabilities of the human mind, leaving audiences not only laughing but also reflecting on the power of their own minds.