Richard Cole, "That Hypnotist Guy"

Richard Cole, "That Hypnotist Guy"

Professional Hypnotist

You will not find a more likeable and friendly person than That Hypnotist Guy, Richard Cole. Quick with a smile and open for a chat, Richard is one of the top thought leaders in the stage hypnosis community.

Over his 28 year full time professional stage hypnotist career, Richard has coached, mentored, inspired, and generally colluded with many of the top stage hypnotists in the world today, many of whom call him “Friend”!

Highly sought after for his imaginative and creative ideas to presentations, marketing ideas and skit creation, Richard brings a special ability to maximize the underlying potential of all those he works with. He enjoys giving back to the industry and helps aspiring stage hypnotists begin, and grow their careers as the Stage Hypnotist Coach.

You will also still find Richard performing his “Grandma Friendly” comedy show all across Canada!

He also likes his fishing and NASCAR, but who doesn’t?