Timo Dante

Timo Dante

Professional Hypnotist

Timo Dante - DER HYPNOTISEUR is not just a name, but a promise for a hypnosis show that transports you into a world filled with laughter, wonder, and magical moments. With a rich history rooted in the vibrant folk festivals of Germany, Timo brings an unparalleled experience to the stage that captivates the audience from beginning to end. As the child of a showman couple, Timo learned early on that the true magic lies in the ability to enchant people and provide them with unforgettable experiences. This deep-rooted connection to the world of entertainment led him on a journey that ignited his passion for magic and illusion, ultimately leading him to hypnosis.

Timo Dante’s hypnosis shows are more than just performances; they are unique experiences where the audience is not just a witness but also a part of the show. Inspired by "The Mentalist" and trained by some of the most prestigious hypnotists, Timo has refined his techniques to present a top-notch comedy hypnosis show. His ability to engage the subconscious while simultaneously entertaining the audience with humorous and impressive acts sets him apart from other hypnotists.

With over a decade of experience in hypnosis and a successful career on German stages, as well as advanced training with leading hypnotists in the USA, Timo brings to Germany a show that is distinctly different from hypnotists of the past. His shows are characterized by respect and appreciation for the participants, generating laughter with them, not at them. This creates an atmosphere of inclusivity and shared experience, making Timo’s hypnosis shows a highlight for any event, be it a corporate party, a wedding, or a public event.

Timo Dante has made a name for himself not only as a hypnotist but also as an entertainer who combines the transformative power of hypnosis with the joy and fun of entertainment. His deep understanding of the human psyche allows him to create shows that are tailored to the audience, from action-packed corporate events to family gatherings. His passion for what he does and his commitment to continually evolving his art make every one of his performances an unforgettable experience.

Book Timo Dante for your next event and experience a hypnosis show that not only entertains but also inspires, connects, and leaves the audience with a sense of awe and shared laughter. Timo Dante’s life motto, "Let people forget the daily grind to have fun in life," is the core of each of his shows, and he is ready to share this promise with you and your guests. Welcome to the fascinating world of Timo Dante – where dreams come alive, and the magic of hypnosis meets the joy of comedy.